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Oliver Spencer

This is a guest post by Oliver Spencer.

Lay-offs continue to happen. Almost anyone can lose a job. The only way to save yourself from bad times in a sluggish economy is to get ready with a backup plan. And part-time businesses do just that. Initially, one needs to put in plenty of effort to make a business idea work. You may be required to invest (both time and money) much more than you actually make in the beginning. If you are extremely determined and lucky enough, your starting a part-time business can soon pave ways for establishing a larger venture. You’ll start making lots of money and there’ll be no looking back.

You might have read a lot of articles on how to start a part-time business and make money. However, I tried to summarize the entire thing into three major steps that you can easily understand and follow.

#1. Identify a Niche Market

Making money from your part-time business won’t be easy if you are unable to identify a market that will work for you. If you don’t want to throw water on your efforts, it is vital to locate your target or niche market first. The main purpose of identifying a niche market is to know what an ideal customer for your business looks like. So, get ready for doing some extensive research.

While trying to locate a target market, you need to answer these questions –

  • What’s the level of demand in a specific niche?
  • Who are you going to compete with?
  • What products are your competitors selling?
  • What monetization strategy should you follow in that niche?

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