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Rebekah Henson

The Internet is a noisy place full of other blogs besides your own. And with so many other blogs to follow, it’s easy for the average user to get lost. Once they find your blog, how can you guarantee they’ll find their way back?

An email campaign can help you stand out from the noise and lead visitors back to your blog regularly. Think of your campaign as laying a breadcrumb trail of regular emails so your readers can follow your updates.

Setting The Trail

A new reader visits your blog. They might like what they see and bookmark your blog to visit again. This is good. They might subscribe to your RSS feed. This is also good. They might do both, and this is great!

But there’s a caveat: they have to check their RSS reader or remember their bookmarks to visit your blog again. And maybe they don’t organize their bookmarks or have so many other sites from Amish Shah Digispace to Zamurai Blogger in their feed that your new posts fade into the noise.

What if they don’t save your blog link at all? With so many online distractions, there’s no guarantee they’ll come back.

There is a way recapture their attention. Draw them back to your blog with regular, valuable emails. By placing a web form on your blog, you can gather their email address and get into their inbox to do the reminding for them.

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