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Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Want to learn how to do affiliate marketing the right way? This section includes the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to affiliate marketing strategies, and how to stay on the good side!

There is a popular belief that affiliate marketing is evil, and it’s easy to see why. You sign up for people’s newsletters with the promise of great tips and information, only to be bombarded by frequent emails that are nothing more than “buy this” or “try that.” You see non-stop tweets about product after product. You know that at the rate this person is advertising new products, there is not way that they have had time to actually use them, so why are they recommending them in the first place.

Bad Behaviors

The above and following are examples of what I consider bad affiliate marketing behavior which has led to more and more people thinking of affiliate marketing as a bad thing. Let’s delve into these, and what changes need to be made to bring a little trust into the land of affiliate marketing.

One thing to note before I get into this. I am not a salesperson. I’m sure some of these techniques are the way to go to make more sales, but I have never been a good salesperson or a fan of popular sales techniques in general. I’d like to think that this site will cater to those who feel the same. :)

1. Multiple Emails a Day

I don’t know about you, but I am not a fan of getting 3+ emails in one day from one mailing list. And yes, it happens with subject lines such as “24 hours left to buy,” “12 hours left to buy,” “one hour left,” and so on. I realize this probably works in pressuring people to buy something based on a last call sale or doors closing offer, but it just feels too pushy.

My preferred method is to email once about a deal and then tweet any last minute countdowns. Chances are, more people are subscribed to you on Twitter than via email anyway.

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