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MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet Review and User Guide

by Kristi on September 28, 2010 · Product Reviews

*Disclaimer: Links included in this post to products mentioned are affiliate links. You will be supporting myself and the site if you purchase your product through them, which is always greatly appreciated!*

Subscribers Magnet is a WordPress plugin that helps you increase your mailing list subscribers by allowing you to create opt-in forms and options in popular points on your website.

Who Created Subscribers Magnet?

Subscribers Magnet was created by Manish Singh of MaxBlogPress. He has also created several other products, most notably the Ninja Affiliate WordPress plugin that allows affiliates to easily create personalized links for their affiliate products (also used here on Trusted Affiliate Marketer).

What Do You Get with Subscribers Magnet?

Subscribers Magnet offers you three opt-in types to place on your website.

Subscribers Magnet Opt-In Form
Opt-in Form

The opt-in form can be placed anywhere on your theme, including the sidebar, end of posts, and as a lightbox popup.

Subscribers Magnet Footer Bar Ad
Footer Bar Ad
Subscribers Magnet Comment Form Checkbox
Comment Form Checkbox

How Easy is Subscriber Magnet to Use?

This plugin actually made me have to whip out the online documentation and manual, but overall was fairly easy to use.

Fill in Your AutoResponder

First, you will want to fill in your autoresponder code for your mailing list software.

Since I am using Aweber, I created a new web form and grabbed the following raw HTML code with the beautiful form styling unchecked.

Subscribers Magnet Opt-in Form Setup Aweber Code

Simply paste this code into the Add New Autoresponder field.

Subscribers Magnet Autoresponder Code

Use the Detect Form to confirm the code is valid and then add the detected form to the autoresponders list.

Subscribers Magnet Autoresponder Code

How to Setup an Opt-in Form

Let’s take a look at the steps to setting up a simple opt-in form using the Optin Form Adder option.

Step 1: Enter Mailing List HTML Code

Whenever you create a new opt-in form, be sure to give it a name you will recognize, if you are going to use different form styles for different areas on your website.

You will copy the same code you generated for filling in the autoresponder into step 1 to save the opt-in form code.

Subscribers Magnet Opt-in Form Setup Mailing List HTML

Then, use the Detect the Form button to confirm that the code has been entered correctly, and click on the next step.

Step 2: Format Your Opt-in Form

This is where you will style your opt-in form. You will be able to customize the following settings for each form you design.

Subscribers Magnet Opt-in Form Styling

Step 3: Opt-in Form Placement

In the placement options, you can configure where you want this form design to be placed. You can choose to place the form at the top and/or bottom within posts (viewable on homepage and archives) or within single posts (viewable on single post pages only).

Subscribers Magnet Opt-in Form Placement

If you choose the Sidebar Widget option, you will be taken to your widgets

Subscribers Magnet Opt-in Form Styling

How to Get Mailing List Subscribers from Your Commenters

This section allows you to enable opt-in options to capture mailing list subscribers from your comment area.

Opt-In Form Embedded in Comment

This option allows you to put a comment form within the preview or posting of a comment. You can customize the form and set it to appear for a certain number of times that a person comments on your site (1st through 3rd, for example).

Subscribers Magnet Opt-in Form Within Comment

This will result in the commenter seeing the following when their comment is awaiting approval or posted.

Subscribers Magnet Opt-in Form Within Comment

Opt-In Form Embedded in Comment

This option allows you to add a checkbox within your comment form.

Subscribers Magnet Opt-in Checkbox Setup

This will result in the following on your comment form.

Subscribers Magnet Opt-in Checkbox in Comment Form

Although you can have this option checked by default, some people may not expect such an opt-in within a comment field and may feel annoyed by finding out with the confirmation email. Although it may get you more opt-ins, they may not all confirm.

First Comment Thank You Email

You can also use Subscribers Magnet to create a customized thank you letter to first time commenters, encouraging them to subscribe to your mailing list.

Subscribers Magnet Comment Thank You

Not Recommended Automatic Subscription

This option allows you to automatically subscribe commenters to your mailing list, and comes with a warning that everyone should heed, as displayed below.

Subscribers Magnet Automatic Subscription

Again, while you may gain lots of opt-ins this way, you probably won’t get many confirmations and essentially will destroy any trust you have built with commenters and readers. This is one option I would definitely not suggest using.

How to Setup the Footer Bar

This option allows you to setup a footer bar ad, which can be closed by your visitors whenever they so choose.

Subscribers Magnet Footer Bar Setup

One glitch when closing the footer bar I noticed is that where ever you are on the page, when you close the bar, you will be jumped back to the top of the page which may or may not be a bit of an annoyance, especially if you are closing the bar to see more of the comment form.

How to Setup a Popin Form

The final opt-in form option you can setup is a popin (or popup) form with the following display settings.

Subscribers Magnet Popin Form

Subscribers Magnet Cost

Subscribers Magnet is going to be offered at a 30% off discount of the regular price of $147 for the next 4 days through Friday, October 1st. Needless to say this is significant savings, so if you are considering this plugin, buy it now. MaxBlogPress offers a money back guarantee with any plugin purchase.

Comparison Shopping – Related Plugins

So what other options do you have when it comes to plugins that will help you build your mailing list and increase your opt-in subscribers?

    Price   Design   Usability   Features
Popup Domination (Review)   $47   A+   A+   Lightbox popup opt-in forms
Subscribers Magnet (Review)   $147   C+   B+   Opt-in forms, comment form checkbox, footer bar
Ultimate Footer Ad   $47   A+   ?   Footer bar ad

Subscribers Magnet is a great option for those looking to add simply designed opt-in options throughout their WordPress site without popups, but the design options in this plugin are currently lacking. Other plugins with more specific capabilities and design options include the following.

Popup Domination

Popup Domination is a plugin for WordPress (and also available for other website platforms as well) that allows you to create beautiful lightbox opt-in forms for your website. Read our Popup Domination Review to learn more about how this plugin works. It is currently priced at $47 until October 5th, when the price will increase to $77.

Ultimate Footer Ad

Ultimate Footer Ad is a opt-in popup that comes up at the bottom of your website, and is endorsed by John Chow. This plugin, at the time this post was published, is $47. It has not been reviewed by Trusted Affiliate Marketer, but seen around on other major sites.

Ultimate Footer Ad

Your Review of Subscribers Magnet

Please share your thoughts on Subscribers Magnet, and other opt-in form enhancement plugins.

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Doug Miller November 24, 2010 at 4:37 am

Now this is a plugin that I could get behind. One of the methods that I would think might be highly effective would be if subscribers magnet would hide itself until a reader was reading the final portion of an article, and then come out of hiding. Because it’s the readers who read your content all the way through that are going to be the most engaged, and thus the most likely to convert into subscribers.

Thanks for the info!


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